Mobobeat is beating competitors with their own product

Affiliate Network Details:

  • Company Name: Mobobeat
  • Country: India
  • Minimum Payment:
  • Commission Type: CPA, CPI
  • Payment Frequency: monthly
  • Payment Method: Bank Transfer, PayPal

If you are looking for the company with strong and persuasive advantages you might be interested in reading Mobobeat review represented below.

Mobobeat is a network dealing with mobile performance. It cooperates with the leading developers of applications promoting these applications globally. The network is proud with its highest rates of offers conversion and highest payouts. Among the most efficient branches it has we can enumerate the following ones: sweepstakes, dating apps, utility, CPI for games and CPA for subscriptions.

5Except that, Mobobeat also develops its own product: in-house applications and subscription offers which are promoted through network’s Affiliates and Publishers only. This is probably one of the most considerable ‘pros’ of the company. Mobobeat’s product is being developed in 25 countries with further promotion to other countries at the same time. Nowadays the product is represented in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Main part of the products is optimized for mobile, but the company also develops some products for web traffic. As to the subscription campaigns developed, the company mostly uses billing with operators, like Wap Billing, SMS Premium, direct billing and other variants.

Why you should choose Mobobeat

  1. Campaign managers provide real-time optimization by means of the company’s smart ad server. The inventory will be divided into categories, such as Country, Carrier, etc. The server usage is simplified that much that you only need to add a line of code and the company’s employees will be able to do all the rest.
  2. Own technologies and products. The company’s in-house server has a technology aimed at assuring best results for affiliates and publishers. Thus, the best Ecpm on the market is guaranteed.
  3. Worldwide coverage. The company has the clients all around the world, they are managing more than a 1000 of campaigns in 200 countries. Thus they can assist in traffic monetization in any of these countries.
  4. High payouts. Publishers and affiliates get the best payouts as all the rewards are based on volumes. Thus commissions’ extent may vary from 60 to 80%.
  5. Flexible payment programs which depend on the traffic sent to Mobobeat.
  6. Strong client service. Well qualified account managers provide clients with constant support in order to raise the profits and benefits.
  7. Mobobeat pay for recommendations. Clients receive 4% of net income from each first sale of their referrals.
  8. Customized operating tools. Thus clients can decide which country traffic they need to monetize, for example.

Still have any doubts? Then visit this website and take your positive decision there: The service is really so good that you will hardly be able to refuse it.