Keenmobi Review

Keenmobi is the USA-based platform that positions itself as a reputable provider of app promotion services for iOS and Android both in the USA and across the globe. The company designs solution packages for iOS and Android apps and charges fees for the whole lot of features and tools included in each package. This Keenmobi review will provide an overview of the company’s data and services as well as terms of use.

Company Profile

Company Name: Keenmobi

Country: USA

Minimum Order: $99

Time of Delivery: 2-4 days to 2 weeks depending on the order size

Pricing Basis: CPI

Payment Methods: PayPal, credit cards, wire transfers offers pre-packed numbers of reviews and installs of customers’ apps in order to create optimal web presence and app awareness. A package content differs according to services and cost included. Packages can include the variety of services or just focus on one particular area and cover it in all possible ways (including assigning personal managers for high-priced packages).

The company works in areas of iOS and Android apps promotion, app optimization and keywords installs boosting. All users who install and provide reviews are real (as the company website states), and customers who purchase packages regularly can ask for significant discounts which will be granted on individual basis. The only requirement for Android apps to be admitted to promotion is that they are free on Google Play, are not APKs or affiliate links.

Android Installs and Reviews

Services for Android include delivering packages with reviews and installs. Reviews packages include reviews as claimed, plus star ratings, some installs and fast delivery of services (with reasonable limits so that to imitate organic growth). Install packages include high numbers of installs only without additional reviews or ratings, clear reporting on the progress and option of Google tracking. High-priced packages include a personal manager to assist with managing the campaign.

iOS Installs and Reviews

Services for iOS include basically the same packages with reviews and installs that are customized to match the nature of AppStore. Reviews packages include reviews as well as stars given to the app and some installs to imitate the natural growth of interest in the app. Install packages offer impressive volumes of installs that will be distributed carefully over time to simulate organic processes. Google tracking of the process and reports on order processing are included.

App Optimization

ASO optimization includes creation of positive brand image of the app and customizing the text content of the app page so that to bring it to the top of search lists. The complex of optimization activities is extensive, so the company provides a package of ASO services plus consultations of experts on how to improve the app in order to meet the needs of target audience.

Keywords Installs

Keywords installs are great source of organic traffic, yet to tap into it a developed need to attune Description/Title fields on the app page and include a number of trending keywords in the app description. offers a full set of services on keywords optimization and provides keyword installs coming both from the USA and from global users.

Company Advantages

The company promises to provide professional services at reasonable prices and offers system of discounts to attract returning customers. The platform is easy to use, and provides transparent reports on performed installs and delivered reviews. The order processing begins in a few minutes after the payment is completed. Multiple channels of commutations are provided including Skype, emails, phone and live chats. Country targeting, real users only and 24/7 support are features of the company as well.

Terms of Use

Terms of use are the same as others across the industry and include condition of ‘as-is’ use, warning against attempting promotion of some illegal app or content and limited refund warranty. Payment methods are standard, and order is considered to be valid only after payment. FAQ section is rather small, so for more clarifications it is advisable to contact the team via one of channels.

Keenmobi Review Verdict

To sum up, the company provides clear and easy to understand system of service packages and it facilitates the tasks of app developers who want to pay and get all possible services that can help boost the app installs. The structure of packages seems reasonable and promises to improve the position of the app in ratings and search results by several parameters. This approach it time-saving and efficient, so the company can be recommended to anyone looking for the place to give their apps a good boost.