Envyus Media review: campaign-dedicated Network

The Envyus Media is the US-based Affiliate Network. Its staff is both devoting and committing to implement the greatest level of service to each of their clients. This entails either attempting to provide the targeted and highest quality traffic for their Advertisers, or assisting Publishers in getting the highest revenue possible. The Minimal rate is $25, and payment frequency is NET15, weekly or bi-weekly. Members can select a payment method either is check or bank wire, or ACH. Commission types are CPS, CPA, and CPL.

Affiliate Network team

1The company offers the expansive array of tools, supplies, and further focusing on what’s most important to the Envyus Media: a constant, continued level of the greatest customer service possible. The Network’s competence in the technical area combined with their comprehensive knowledge of associate marketing guidance makes it easy for Envyus Media team to deliver favorable results for their members. It also benefits and makes it easier for the company to concentrate on what is essential, which is whatever necessary at any given moment for Advertisers and associates. The company got dedicated customer support and a team of account managers that are available around the clock for their clients. The details of membership are at http://envyusmedia.com/.

Anyone is interested in becoming the affiliate at this Network can have a review Envyus Media, and chat with the company’s passionate and devoted team. Their primary goal is to work strictly with each one of their members, developing a personal connection with trust and frankness. Eventually, this helps the team reach one common goal to get an extended long-term success.

About Envyus Media

Envyus Media uses Cake Marketing software to track content. The company’s team is replaying even during weekend or holidays to ensure their clients that they get all the information needed. The company’s headquarters is at Wichita, KS. To help their affiliates make many quality leads and desirable conversions, Envyus Media staff provides as many as possible from a wide variety of proposals.

The team totally recognizes that members often work in similar areas and campaign choice is of the absolute importance. The company’s aim here is to have a wide display of varying proposals available to their affiliates. When members are interested in a particular niche or offer type, they let their account manager know, and he provides all the required information. Therefore, clients get any offer available at http://envyusmedia.com/.