CPImobi Review

CPImobi is the fast-growing mobile marketing platform that offers a rich variety of services of app promotion and install boosting. This CPImobi review will provide overview of options and services provided to app developers and highlight conditions of using these services.

Company Profile

Company Name: CPImobi

Country: India

Minimum Order: $50

Time of Delivery: 2-4 days to 2 weeks depending on the order size

Pricing Basis: CPI

Payment Methods: PayPal, credit cards, wire transfers

The platform has already established itself as powerhouse of mobile marketing and promotion industry. Forbes has rated the platform as #77 in the list of rapidly developing mobile advertisers and praised it for accumulating about 2 million real users who constitute the target audience for practically every kind of mobile apps.

cpimobi.com focuses on three main areas of app promotion: app advertising, marketing on the mobile and keywords optimization designed specifically for AppStore.

The company claims to deliver reviews and installs coming from real users only and to offer a unique set of advantages that make it a preference for app developers around the world.

App Advertising

cpimobi reviewThe platform is governed by the principle of self-service, hence customers are provided with a sophisticated toolkit for managing customized promotional campaigns and for controlling their spending over certain time spans. Customers can create and run campaigns within their pre-paid budget and under certain conditions are entitled to refunds. The platform allows to scoop downloads and reviews for iOS and Android apps while tracking the installs delivery via Google Analytics or other analytics tools.

Fees are charged on CPI basis, and the company claims to charge the lowest price of $0.09 per install. Ad networks where promotion is undertaken are promised to by trustworthy and to cover diverse categories of users. Support team is working in round-the-clock mode 7 days a week, so help is available right when needed.

Marketing on the Mobile

Along the technical features and exceptionally large users base the company offers ‘turnkey’ solutions in mobile marketing. Customers can order full set of service including campaign designing, roll-out, analytical work and advice on improvement of the app in order to make it a market hit. Everything will be done by a personal marketing manager working in a team with marketing experts.

Keywords Optimization For Appstore

This exceptional diversity of apps presented on AppStore means that any new product should be optimized for fast indexing in search queries. CPImobi offers insights into key queries run through the AppStore and provides solutions for optimizing the app image on this platform. It includes designing a new icon, creating targeted keyword infused texts and wrapping the app up into an attractive story. This optimization significantly increases chances of the app to generate organic installs and rating.

Company Advantages

The company allows service testing by means of getting 50 installs for free to check the traffic quality and service reliability. Every segment of services offers has its benefits, namely:

–  simplicity of campaign creating and running,

– exhausting number of tracking and customizing tools including Google Analytics,

– reliable providers of traffic and bot-detection system,

– unlimited numbers of real users that can be reached via the platform,

– country targeting,

– speed of install delivery management and

– safety of financial transactions.

Terms of Use

Terms of use of cpimobi.com are very much like the ones of other similar platforms, including CPI-based pricing, ‘as-is’ services, standard payment methods and conditioned refunds. FAQ section is brief and invites customers to send enquiries related to matters that interest them.

CPImobi Review Verdict

All in all, judging by the spectrum of services and support offered and customers’ reviews, the company deserves attention of web developers and offers competitive solutions under reasonable conditions.